Two Keys To Social Media Promotion

While there are numerous Social Media platforms to help promote your business, the ones that are most universally used by new home builders and designers are LinkedIn, Facebook and Houzz.  Here are a couple of keys to effectively using these profiles.

1)    Connections:  For LinkedIn and Facebook you should work on building significant business connections in order for your posts to show up in your connections’ news feed. Your content, especially photos, should have relevant keyword phrases and sentences that describe the photos.

      • For LinkedIn, we recommend that builders try to connect with as many real estate agents and related building professionals as possible.  These individuals should be targeted by the location and price point that they are working in order to make sure they match the builder’s clientele.  That way, any info about properties being sold can be seen by those who may have clients looking for new homes in that area.  In the same manner, home designers should focus on connecting with those in the building trade industry.
      • For Facebook, the same principles apply as with LinkedIn.  You should work on building significant business connections related to your industry.   If you are a builder and are going to have onsite agents who may be adding items to your Facebook builder profile, then they could also try to connect with other real estate agents, etc. to help build your Facebook profile.
      • For Houzz, it is a bit trickery to get people to follow you.  There isn’t a straight forward way to seek a connection.  But you can interact with your connections, as appropriate. through LinkedIn and Facebook and ask them to follow you on Houzz.
    • NOTE: Many people would rather watch a video than to read about the same subject.  If you are shooting videos of your projects, it is a great idea to upload those videos to YouTube.  This way, you can easily use the YouTube video share link to add the videos to your business website and to your Social Media profiles. 

    2). Slow Drip:  It is important to use a slow drip method rather than the flood method for social media because the way that the “news feed” works. In other words, spread out the delivery of info about your products and services rather than uploading them all at once.  See for more info.

    Cost – Many home builders/designers desire to add the content to their Social Media profiles in-house, some find it is easier to out source in order to stay on top of this task.   We can be hired to add photo content and keyword phrases to your Social Media profiles on an as-needed basis.  For assistance, please give us a call at 770.262.3977.